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Welcome to We offer the following Great Services at the Lowest Prices
Lowest price for .us .info or .biz domain names All Domain Names $ 8.75 a year
Lowest Price for Bulk Domain Names & Lowest Price for Bulk Domain name Transfers

Our Specialty - Domain Names Click “Register” button above to Register or Transfer your Name to

Our Service includes Free Parking of Your Domain on Our Servers and Complete online Name Management

FREE Fund Raising - Click on the button above for our “Charity Donation” Policy and Procedure

FREE Domain Name Renewal Forever - Just Click on the “Free Renewal” Button for the details

Do You Want to change ownership of a domain name for FREE? If so click on ”REGISTER” and enter the domain name

Web Hosting - Windows 2000 Servers, 50MB, 500MEG transfers, 2 POP3, ASP for only $ 80 / yr

Other Windows 2000 Hosting Packages 100 MB storage, 1 gig transfers, 10 POP3, MS Access, 10 Sub Domains  only $150 / yr

Do You Need MS SQL? Get SQL (w/200MB) plus 400 MB storage, 4 gig traffic, 40 POP3,  ODBC connections for only $500 /yr

All Annual Hosting includes - NO SET UP FEES, Control Panel, Daily Back-ups, Dedicated IP address and more CLICK HERE for Details

SPECIAL-Brochure Package has 10 MB Storage, 250 MEG transfers and ASP for only $50 per year (Click here to SIGN UP NOW)

No Set up Fees Guarantee on All Web Hosting Packages

We Now Have Bulk Domain Name Registration & Bulk Domain name Transfers for 50 to 500 domain names at even lower prices

 Automated Web Site Design No Programming, No FTP, No Software (except Browser) is required (Click here for details)

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Domain names, transfers, free parking and top quality low cost windows web hosting NT or windows 2000 are our specialties.  At Handlez we offer some of  the lowest domain name registration prices and quick cheap transfer services with great service and quick availability.  The days of paying $35, $25 or even $20 a year are over and we offer transfers at just $7.95 (with 1 year added to your current term-you lose no time) and new domain name registration is $ 8.75 per year and as low as $7.95 a year with a ten year registration.  The prices listed above are our full price there are no extras or add ons or anything else.  There are also no transfer fees (your current registrar may charge one but we never will) and ever name you register at Handlez is yours.   We have new automated sign up for our windows 2000 web hosting and windows NT web hosting.  Our UNIX web hosting sign up is not automated but it will be very shortly.  Please click on the link and e-mail us for all of the details.  We provide professional web site design, database design & management. We now provide .info & .biz domain names at the lowest prices & soon .ws domain names at the lowest price.

Check Back regularly for all of the details.

Common Questions We Get at Handlez...

  1. Why Should I register My Name with Handlez?
    That’s one our Favorites.  The service at Handlez is simple, and we provide things other people don’t.  Our Free fund raising and up to 5% donation to the charity of your choice is not avail able anywhere else and our long term rates are the lowest out there, only $85 for 10 years. Also we offer Free renewal of your name forever and the best Windows 2000 web hosting anywhere.
  2. Why are your Prices so low?
    That’s another goodie.  Our system is completely automated and therefore we spend less time and money on the business and pass the savings on to you.  Our computers do the hard work, like they are suppose to.
  3. If a buy a name can I get my Money back?
    No.  The reason is since our system is so automated once you buy the name the wheels are going and the name is registered and we pay our registrar fees in a similar automated manner.  Sometimes the computers are so fast that by the time you think about changing your mind the computer is already finished.
  4. What does the 30 Day money back guarantee apply to?
    We offer 30 days money back on our windows NT, windows 2000 and UNIX virtual web hosting packages only.  We offer this but all of our clients are so happy with the windows 2000, windows NT and UNIX hosting that we offer that we have never had any one leave.
  5. What is the catch with the Free Renewal forever?
    There is no catch.  This service is sponsored by our parent site and they sell long distance telephone service to benefit charity.  To help with the launch of this site they are offering this great service where you sign up for 4.9 cent/min long distance and they will pay you annual renewal fees forever.  Please note this program may stop at any time for new customers but will always be available to those of you who sign up now.  Once you have it you always have it just click on the link at the top for all of the details.
  6. What Fees or hidden costs do you charge?
    NONE .  We have no hidden fees or costs of any kind what so ever.  The prices you see are the prices you pay
  7. I have a name and it has 2 years left on the registration, will I lose time if I switch to Handlez?
    Absolutely NOT.  Our transfer is $ 7.95 and includes the addition of one year to your current registration.  For your own protection please be aware that some Cheap Transfer services do not do this and you can lose time.  Rest easy though because with Handlez you will never lose even one day of the time you have registered already.
  8. The one we hear all the time is, Why do some companies charge $20, $25, $30 or even $35 a year?  Is there service better?
    They charge high rates in the hopes that you are dumb enough to pay them and no they are not better.  All of the service is the same you want your name registered and put on the right DNS server and all of the registrars do that eventually.  The old expensive ones are usually slower and less automated and also may sell your personal information to e-mail list and telemarketers. is fast automated and budget oriented but not so cheap to skimp on service and will never sell any client data to anyone-PERIOD.
  9. What charities do you support?
    Our parent company actively supports the following major charities (see the list below) and some state and local charities.  If the charity you wish to help is not listed then just let us know who they are and we will contribute to them.  The only thing is they must be a real US charity as designated by the US IRS.  If you represent a charity and would like more information about becoming a listed organization please contact and ask for the details (This service is free to all charities and the corporate donations cost you absolutely nothing. So start helping your favorite charity NOW)

Also, with every name you buy or transfer Handlez will donate up to 5% of the price to the charity of your choice

Arthritis Foundation

American Red Cross

American Heart Association

American Humane Association

AIDS Research Alliance

American Cancer Society

America Second Harvest

ARC of the US

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Boy Scouts of America

Cancer Research Institute

Cousteau Society

Doctors without Borders

Easter Seals

Foundation to Fight Blindness

Girl Scouts of America

Habitat for Humanity

Juvenile Diabetes Fnd.

March of Dimes

Marine Toys for Tots

Nat. Alliance to End Homelessness

Center for Missing & Exploited Children

National Org of Women

Reading is Fundamental

Salvation Army

Sierra Club

Piscataway Soccer Club

Piscataway AEG PTA


Our Mission:
To provide a free, constant and consistent source of charity fundraising income while providing our members discount domain name registration and the lowest domain name transfer prices, cheap windows NT hosting, hi quality windows 2000 hosting and of course multiyear domain name and hosting renewal all at some of the cheapest prices available.  We support all recognized charity groups and nonprofit organizations through our customer oriented Domain name service while protecting our children, families and friends from the dangers of Door-To-Door solicitation
Our Pledge:
To provide the best free fund raising for charity with the lowest rates for domain name registration, domain name transfer, domain name renewal and windows NT hosting windows 2000 hosting or UNIX hosting.  We will always inform our members about the new rate plans for discount Domain name registration, domain name transfer web site hosting domain name parking and many other services as soon as they are available.  We will also review the industry pricing periodically to inform our registrar so that we can continue to buy our services in bulk and pass the savings on to our customers.  Our business is Fund raising for our nonprofit organization, charity and our cause related shopping idea works because our members get the best service, best rates and the charity or nonprofit gets the most total return because we get more volume from the lowest rates
Our Service & Support Creed:
Providing free charity fund raising is one of the ideas behind Handlez while our other idea is Service and Support of our members and registered charities.  We provide service and support to our members and their charity for as long as they are involved in our program with complete internet e-mail support.  The other sites you see selling domain names are generally involved in some other business and this is just a fill in service or they are someone who is just out to make a quick buck and who will give you no support.   Rest easy you will never have these problems with Handlez since we will always support our members and we have engineers and other technical staff members to answer all of your questions.


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